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These client profiles provide a better sense of our capabilities, our high level of personal care and the individualized ways we work with clients. Many names and details have been changed to protect client confidentiality.
Life became complicated for Nancy overnight. The 50-year old New York City resident was suddenly a widow. While coping with her personal loss, she also faced a multi-million dollar estate in disarray. She had funds in accounts around the world, assets she needed to sell and no clear picture of her cash flow or budget.

Nancy needed line of sight – an understanding of her current finances and a vision for the future. A close friend recommended Avalon. We met with Nancy at her home in New York. Our first step was to consolidate Nancy’s investment accounts in order to provide a comprehensive perspective essential to her long-term security. Then the Avalon team devised a plan to move her from crisis to clarity.

We vetted and assembled a team of professionals to implement the plan: attorneys to draft Nancy’s estate plan and secure overdue benefits; an experienced fine arts agent to sell valuable paintings; and an accountant to review her tax returns and help us develop a long-term tax strategy, taking into account Nancy’s budget and cash flow needs. Her family’s stability was paramount, so Avalon helped create a trust to secure her children’s future.

As Nancy’s wealth manager, we continue to invest and grow her assets. She now has the clarity and peace of mind to set a new course for herself and her family.



When the Hamilton family of New England inherited wealth, they also inherited a complex financial situation, including decades-old trusts, a variety of assets and an extended family office managing unique holdings. Busy with work, philanthropy and raising a family, they needed to make sense out of all of this. They turned to Avalon Trust.

We listened intently to the Hamiltons describe their goals, as well as their perceived obstacles. They felt constrained by a lack of information about prior generations’ assets, and were reluctant to broach such sensitive topics with relatives. By encouraging and facilitating dialogue among family members and by demystifying the complicated wealth succession techniques established by past generations, we helped them navigate delicate family dynamics so that they understood the extent of their wealth.

We continue to work with the Hamiltons to evaluate, prioritize and implement the best options for growing and guiding their assets for future generations and the charitable causes so important to them. They can now enjoy their new knowledge, perspective and comfort level with their wealth so they can focus on the more important things in life.



Mission vs. Money: It’s a delicate balance for every charitable organization. We partner with a Santa Fe non-profit that faced just such a challenge. Southwest CARE Center, a health management alliance, serves HIV patients in northern New Mexico and provides essential community services. They change lives by providing education, testing, treatment and research.

Southwest CARE leaders, faced with limited resources, needed to focus on their critical mission and expanding programs. Income fluctuations and investment issues sapped valuable time and energy. At their invitation, Avalon stepped in to help. We worked closely with the Board of Directors and Executive Director to develop an investment policy, implement asset allocation and maximize investment growth. Our ongoing investment management and regular financial reviews keep them apprised of progress.

With its finances stabilized, the organization now has the solid foundation – and peace of mind – to achieve its mission.