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Equity Management
Income Management
Alternative Investments
Achieving the Balance
Our comprehensive portfolio management process reflects the importance of aligning each client’s personal goals and objectives with proper portfolio construction. We carefully consider liquidity needs, tolerance for risk and financial goals.

Some of our clients seek to maximize growth, while others require current income. Many seek a balanced approach. With an understanding of your goals in hand, we construct your portfolio by drawing from our universe of core holdings. The proper allocation of individual equities and income securities is at the heart of your portfolio. Our diversified holdings range from small companies to large ones, from domestic to global businesses. We utilize funds for additional asset diversification - such as emerging markets or international real estate. For clients where further diversification is appropriate, we access alternative investments from outside managers we’ve qualified based on our decades of experience in the investment business.

As active managers, the initial allocation and investment of your portfolio is just the beginning. Our ongoing monitoring, analysis and rebalancing are essential to your long-term success.

Portfolio Management
Income Management
Alternative Investments

Our equity investment process is designed to identify, value and select companies with superior characteristics: growth, earnings stability, financial strength and innovative management.

Two basic principles define our focused approach to equity investing. One, a company’s investment performance is driven by its long-term earnings growth. Two, businesses that deliver consistent growth in earnings command higher valuations as well as provide better downside protection in periods of economic uncertainty.

We utilize analytical tools to develop and track an investment universe of potential holdings based on our quantitative criteria. We then identify the most attractive investments by economic sector and industry that offer the best risk-adjusted return. We apply this disciplined process across a range of securities, both domestically and internationally.

Portfolio Management
Equity Management
Alternative Investments

Our income management approach begins with a belief that the income allocation reduces risk and provides stability in a balanced portfolio. We identify diversified high-quality holdings that provide stable income as part of a total return strategy. We do not predict the direction of interest rates, but rather focus on in-depth research and active management to identify opportunities in sectors and individual securities as a means of providing added value. Our process utilizes fixed income vehicles, including high-quality government, municipal and corporate bonds and preferred stocks. We complement these traditional holdings by investing in alternative income securities that offer income growth and total return potential versus the static income provided by bonds. In this way, we generate growth in income, allowing us to keep pace with inflation over the long term.

Avalon’s approach to income management recognizes that each client has unique investment objectives and income requirements. Each portfolio is designed to achieve a balance between income and preservation of principal.

Portfolio Management
Equity Management
Income Management

For many of our clients, we seek additional diversification beyond our core disciplines. The inclusion of alternative asset classes in a portfolio offers the potential of enhanced returns coupled with a low correlation to traditional investments.

Access to top tier alternative managers can be difficult for many individual investors due to high minimum requirements and limited investor openings. Avalon leverages its independence and resources on our clients’ behalf. After exhaustive research and evaluation, we invest in best of class external managers with demonstrated superior long-term records. Finally, Avalon provides essential ongoing monitoring, to ensure these selected managers adhere to their designated strategies and meet our expectations.

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