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A Shared Commitment
The range of services Avalon offers to those who are philanthropically inclined is nearly as broad as the range of causes our clients so generously support. The clients who take advantage of our expertise include individuals, private family foundations and public non-profits.

For individuals who want to give directly to charities, we help them navigate the most appropriate options, from charitable trusts to donor advised funds and gifts of appreciated securities. We also handle the less glamorous aspects of charitable giving, from initiating the gifts to obtaining acknowledgments.

We often help families establish private foundations to achieve their charitable goals. Once formed, we oversee compliance, perform due diligence and invest the foundation’s assets for long-term growth and income. We are available to work with the foundation’s board to develop investment and giving policies in order to ensure your family’s legacy.

Our philanthropic clients also include the recipients of charitable gifts – public non-profits – filling an array of needs in communities around the country. We partner with these clients by managing and growing their assets, so they can focus on the causes they are committed to.

Whether an individual, family foundation or public charity, we support our philanthropic clients in supporting their causes by helping maximize charitable gifts that create the most significant long-term positive impact.