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Clarity and Focus
We hear over and over from our clients that their lives are becoming increasingly demanding and complex. They turn to Avalon to manage the overwhelming details of their financial lives. Our family office offering is the most personal, comprehensive and customized service we provide. Your family can rely on Avalon to conserve valuable time, simplify life and bring the big picture into perspective. Avalon acts as a central resource point for families around the nation, providing comprehensive and confidential management of the broadest range of financial affairs.

These services include an array of options carefully calibrated to meet your particular requirements, ranging from the routine – bill paying, payroll services and tuition payments – to the extraordinary – selling unique assets, sourcing professionals to handle complex transactions and educating future generations about wealth management. We apply our depth of knowledge, experience and extensive resources to coordinate all your financial details in a way that best defines the family office experience for you, so that you have the time and clarity to focus on the more important things in life.