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A Spirit of Independence
Avalon’s unique culture is shaped by our distinctive company model and optimal size. While the rest of the industry is shifting toward consolidation and mega-institutions, Avalon prides itself on its independence. Because we are employee-owned, we have a very personal interest in the satisfaction of our clients and the success and integrity of our company. As we grow, we are committed to preserving a scale that allows us to focus on each of our clients and deliver the highest level of service. These characteristics, combined with our investment in the professional development of our team members and an emphasis on creating a respectful and sustainable work environment, have allowed Avalon to attract and retain its highly qualified and dedicated team.

Giving back is inherent in our success. At Avalon, we believe in connecting with and supporting the communities and causes that our clients and our team are a part of. We do that by committing financial and human capital to critical programs and initiatives. Each year, Avalon contributes a portion of its profits to charitable organizations that capture our clients’ and our interest, including supporting our public non-profit clients through reduced fees. Avalon employees are encouraged to volunteer time and professional expertise for causes they are passionate about. We sit on boards, serve on committees, and are members of a wide range of charitable organizations throughout the country, from educational institutions to arts organizations and environmental groups.